The Word: Dunkin’ Donuts Coolatta [PENDING REPLY]

Ok, the peeps behind Dunkin’ Donuts’ marketing schemes are good; I was wanting me a Cherry Coolatta. It’s rare for me to want to open the door to a DD; I’m not the biggest fan of the chain…and it’s not because I’m anti-Dunkin’ for the animal cruelty reasons that PETA raises. I’m anti-dry, crumbly donuts.

While I was a fan of Munchkins when I was a munchkin, I’ve been passing on Dunkin’ Donuts pretty much since the first time I’d tried a warm Krispy Kreme…which I don’t eat now because of the whey. Many vegan bakeries, though, like Vegan Treats and Dun-well Doughnuts are cranking out worry-free treats.

I asked what was in a Coolatta more to know what was in my compatriot’s Mocha Coolatta; really to know whether to request a lower calorie milk for hers. Never really dawned on me that mine could have unknown milk products. Nevertheless, when I got on their website later that evening, listed as allergens were soy and milk.


CATEGORY: Product Feedback

I recently purchased the Captain America Cherry Coolatta from a location in New York. When I asked what was in it, the young man behind the counter said syrup and ice. I went on the website only to confirm the calories listed, but noticed that one of the noted allergens is milk. As I looked through the ingredients, I didn’t see any overt milk ingredients; so I’m curious as to what ingredient(s) in this beverage have a milk derivative. Thank you for your time.


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