Classics Gone Veg*n: Chick’n Cordon Bleu

Late Friday night, after the day that wouldn’t end..actually, just wouldn’t end the way I wanted it to…I was in need of some confort food. So, my sister and I headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for some FoodSwings. We weren’t alone; many are lookin’ for a little comfort after the long work week and vegan fast food seems to hit just the right spot.

I like to try different things, but I had a major craving for their Chick’n Cordon Bleu Sandwich. Essentially it’s a breaded chick’n patty layered with fried sham, vegan cheese and a sweet mustard sauce with lettuce and tomato on a roll. It’s a pretty good combination.

It’s not like traditional Chicken Cordon Bleu though. It just simply has the components. If you’re really up for giving a try at whipping up a veg*n variety, try these recipes from Veggie Converter and Vegetalion, which looks closest to the original. If you’re keen on a variation of the classic, try this recipe from Do Life Right.

Alternatively, if you’re more of a, ‘The Kitchen? You mean that room with the microwave in it?’, two brands have you covered. Try the Tex Mex variation from Gardein, Santa Fe Good Stuff, or the lacto-ovo vegetarian Cranberry & Goat Cheese Chick’n Cutlets from Quorn. (While I steer clear of the ingredient because of its possible contact with animal rennet, Quorn also makes Gruyere Chick’n Cutlets if you’re a vegetarian that does consume whey.)


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