Don’t Wait! Have Your Fruit and Your “Bacon”!

As a former Bacon Enthusiast, I find Jim Gaffigan’s bit to be quite relatable. When I first became vegetarian, I tried “facon” and just wasn’t having it. MorningStar Farms had been my go to brand, so I gave their Veggie Bacon Strips a try. They never made it into my cart again.

When I decided to try to veganize the Turkey and Bacon Avocado sandwich from Subway earlier this month, I needed meatless Bacon. The market has expanded over years, but I had my doubts. Since I wanted to make the sandwich vegan, reopening a package of MorningStar Farms was out. I stood in front of the cold case contemplation.

I settled on Lightlife’s Smart Bacon. I’m pretty confident now that it’s the same brand used at B.A.D. Burger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Best is that it’s certified vegan from, so there’s no lingering doubt. My veganized Subway sandwich turned out pretty good. After making it, I had nearly a dozen slices left. So what to do?

Then I stumbled upon Jim Gaffigan’s bit on bacon, or as he calls it, “the most beautiful thing on Earth.”

I laughed but I’ll never go back. So just some suggestions in case you’ve written meatless bacon off the menu:

Make sure you fry it up…so you can hear the applause. “Yay! [F]acon!”

Have it alongside your tofu scramble and toast on a lazy monring eating breakfast in bed. “That’s what makes it so special. You’re lying down and eating [F]acon.”

Forget McDonald’s. One morning, I fried up a couple pieces of vegan bacon and sandwiched them with a melted slice of vegan american cheese on a plain Pepperidge Farm bagel. Quick, easy, tasty and filling.

Bac’Uns Vegan Bacon Bits by FRONTIER for your baked potatoes and salads. “It’s like the fairy dust of the food community.”

Maybe a little Facon on your cupcakes?

B.L.T anyone? Or maybe this Vegan Elvis Sandwich with PB, Banana, and Vegan Bacon? It sounds so nasty…and yet, I want to try it. Hmmm….

For “Bacon” on the go, try Stonewall’s Jerquee Cajun “Bacon”.

I haven’t yet tried to improve other foods by wrapping them in meatless bacon, but I still have some strips left. Hell, I may even try making a vegan bacon bowl with mac and cheese!

You can even try making tempeh bacon yourself with these recipes from Lunchbox Bunch and No Meat Athlete!


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