Jamie Oliver Wants to Start a Revolution Wielding Fruits and Veggies

As I watch Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver’s intensity seems more than a little overdramatic. Silly, really. I mean, it’s just food. Right? Wrong! Science shows how our eating habits can effect our bodies.

The premise of this season is Mr. Oliver’s quest to cook for the students of public school in California. At every turn, the just man can’t get a break. As the school board shuts door after door, Oliver climbs through windows, becoming a substitute teacher to show the school’s students how to make better food choices and what the long term effects our carefree youth can have on us.

Major corporations don’t make it easy on us. In his book Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser notes how McDonald’s Corp and other fast food chains began purposely putting their restaurants near schools. From parents needing a quick and cheap dinner solution to children whining for the toys, the allure is evident.

And that is what Mr. Oliver is looking to combat. I remember watching Jamie’s show, The Naked Chef, on Food Network years ago. He’s not vegan or vegetarian; he wields poultry, meat, and fish but, for his core nutritional values, I can’t bring myself to hate on him.

Watch full episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on the ABC Network and online at HULU!


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