Westerly Natural Market Re-Opening

Ok, so the days left in July are numbered and Westerly Natural Market in Manhattan, NYC has promised to reopen before the end of the month. Happy Birthday to me! Personally, I’m excited. I’m curious as to what their reception will be. I spotted a woman in Whole Foods with a Westerly tote bag and when I made mention of their re-opening, she didn’ have much of a reaction than a blink-and-you’d-have-missed-it smile and a placative, ‘hmmm.’ (Might have been the stranger randomly approaching her thing. I hear that can put people off.) After five months of getting by without, will the loyalists, so lost at the close of February, flock back? Or have they flown the coup to other feeding grounds? Well, we’ll never know if they don’t actually follow through this time. So cross your fingers.

We Shall See...

2 thoughts on “Westerly Natural Market Re-Opening

  1. I went from happy that they were renovating, to then feeling bad it was taking so long and now I’m just angry that they took THIS long! If the prices are not the same I will really be UPSET!

    1. I can imagine. I only went in there once or twice when I first got to New York in late February, but I thought their variety was really great. They’ve been doing work on the doors and stocking, so they haven’t opened quite yet, as promised. My sister knows how happy I’d been to find a place so near my work, and when we went by this morning she commented, ‘That had better be some store when they open it back up.’ It seems like it’s only a store, but I’m sure for many it was a comfort and convenience. I hope you’re not upset in the end.

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