The Word: CRUMBS Bake Shop

So I finally got around to contacting CRUMBS Bake Shop. When I first got to New York, I was practically eating my way through their display case. Over the last few months, though, as I’ve been scrutinizing ingredients even more (yes that’s possible), I’d begun to wonder. So I’ve been passing on the CRUMBS. I was half expecting a Soup Nazi response, ‘No CRUMBS for you!’ There’s a little tear in my eye. I’m not vegan, but as I’ve become much more strict, this response pretty much includes me. No more CRUMBS for me. At least they were nice to suggest an alternative…and, who knows, maybe one day they’ll take the challenge: a Vegan Colossal!


July 24, 2011

Hello. My coworkers love your cupcakes but I’ve had to pass because I’m not sure I can have them. I’m a vegetarian with vegan leanings and in addition to no meat and fish, I also do not consume by-products of animal, fish, or insect slaughter (ie, animal rennet, gelatin, whey produced with animal rennet, carmine, shellac, or bone char filtered sugar). Some varieties are obviously a no, like the S’Mores cupcake, but do you have any cupcake flavors for strict vegetarians? Has Crumbs ever attempted or considered a cupcake for vegans? Thank you.


Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for emailing Crumbs! We are so sorry to disappoint you! We, unfortunately, do not offer any vegan products at this time. You might want to check out Babycakes. They offer refined sugar-free/gluten free/vegan cupcakes and baked goods. Their website is: I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if i can be off further assistance.

Have a great day!
Cristina Jimenez

Customer Care Representative


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