Blossom Du Jour Makes A Tasty Sunday Treat

July 24, 2011

I’m sure it would be nice on any day, but I just happened in today. Now I’ve hit 4 of the 5 Blossom spots. My birthday’s just around the calendar, maybe I’ll round out the list.

Located at 174 Ninth Ave. NYC (right next door to Cocoa V), vegan fast food is what Blossom Du Jour specializes in. From Sloppy Joe Sliders to Filet No Fish, Mac and Cheese to Onion Rings, it’s comfort food.

I decided to go for the Midtown Melt. Something about the cajun spiced seitan, vegan cheese, guacamole, and chipotle aioli, just sounded like an amazing combination…and it was. The sandwich ran me $8.50 plus tax but it was well worth it and not just because it tastes amazing. You get a good size sandwich.

I couldn’t resist the cupcakes…especially when the words chocolate cheesecake came out. I asked for a knife so I could split it…but I’m so selfish. Next time I buy two.

I’d been taking pictures and Laura, behind the counter, asked if I had a blog. Everyone has a blog, though, right? As I left with my goodie bag, she hoped I had good things to write about. What can I say? This chain just can’t do much wrong in my book.

No excuses. If you're in a hurry, check out the cold cases stocked with prepared salads and sandwiches.



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