B.A.D.ass Veg*n-Friendly Joint All Will Rave About

Under those covers are vegan desserts.
Our waitresses, Rose and Dariel, were amazingly helpful...and patient.


It’s become standard, my sister hands me her iPhone and says, ‘Find a place you can eat at.’ It becomes a mission. Over the months here in NYC, I’ve traversed the city. Finding places where all are welcomed (and veggie items aren’t haphazardly tossed on the menu without a thought to consider issue like cross-contamination.)

Vegan Waffles with Tofu Scramble, Vegan Ham+Sausage+Bacon, Syrup, and Vegan Butter.

Saturday we hit the proverbial ‘jackpot.’ Williamsburg was the destination because, even if we couldn’t find something new to try, there are safe havens. I searched YELP for vegan and found B.A.D. Burger. When I clicked into the link, I wasn’t hoping for much. Then my eyes met the words, “Separate Veggie Kitchen.”

Located at 131 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, B.A.D. serves Burgers and Breakfast All Day. That’s right. They’re open 24/7.
Hey, if I could convince them to take up a veg*n diet, that would be amazing…there’s more of a likelihood that I’ll be asked to man a space mission to save all mankind from an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Until then, that we could all eat together was amazing.

One thought on “B.A.D.ass Veg*n-Friendly Joint All Will Rave About

  1. Wow, that place is awesome! I’m glad I just bought blueberry waffles, after seeing those pics, I’m craving them even more.

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