Vegan Sunday Stroll

June 5, 2011


  • Le Pain Quoitidien
  • Sigmund Pretzel Cart
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • V-Note

It’s nice to hop the train into Manhattan and bum around, seeing the bustle and the buildings. My dad thinks so, at least. Now that he gets the ‘okay, you’ve made this far, we’ll cut you a break’ discount, he’s become a fan of daytrips to Manhattan. I’m inclined to agree.

After popping by the office, I headed North. Destination: Guggenheim Museum. First stop: Le Pain Quoitidien. I’d been wanting to try their Vegan Apple Cannelli (I think I got that right), and the impending 30 block walk seemed like a good excuse. The layering of the apples makes it kugel-esque. I have no idea how many calories are in this, but it’s worth it.

Plain Sigmund Pretzels are Vegan!

Finished it off by the turn onto 5th Avenue. The Jewish Pride pushed normal foottraffic into Central Park. Yeah, being forced to stroll up the scenic paths, snapping pictures of adorable children, how awful.

Getting up to The Metropolitan Museum of art, I couldn’t resist stopping at Sigmuns Pretzel Cart. The steady flow to the line told me this was a favorite. I picked the Feta and Olive pretzel; feta tends to be a safe pick for vegetarians avoiding rennet. However, when I mentioned I was vegetarian, the woman offered up that the regular salted pretzels were even vegan. I noshed and walked and my destination drew closer.

The Guggenheim Museum is an amazing structure. I’m not partial to the whole collection, but it is worth the walk to see it. If you do pay the ticket price, vegetarians won’t starve. On the tour of the building, I did notice that the cafe had a vegetarian sandwich. (Note: yes, I seem food obsessed, but despite being stuffed from my pretzel, I like to keep an eye out. Besides, yes, the tour did go into the cafe area. The internal layout of the building has tighter areas, so it’s more the cafe got dropped into the tour.


Several hours and a couple museums passed through, it was time to grab dinner before we had to part ways back to Brooklyn and PA.

V-Note wasn’t exactly close, but we hoofed it to try something new. Even my father had good things to say. Of his raviolis, I seem to remember the word ‘wonderful’.

I went for 2 appetizers to sample different dishes…and because they sounded so good. The Seitan Schnitzel was my favorite. The way it was breaded, the blueberry, the potato salad…so good whether separate or together.

As you can tell from my stroll, it’s just so difficult for vegetarians to get by in NYC…Ha!


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