Even CHAMPS Has a Few Strikeouts

Happy Birthday America Cupcake from CHAMPS BAKERY

I have a big love for all my NYC Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants and bakeries. Still, you got to call the misses with the hits.

The Happy Birthday America cupcake I picked up last night at CHAMPS BAKERY in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC looked so promising in the case.
As I licked the icing, though…okay, more like bit into the icing cause it was that dense…my tastebuds were met with a sharp taste that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, except for maybe 80’s food coloring. I’m normally the type to suffer through subpar foods; making the best of things. As the nausea started hitting, the best I could do was flip the thing over, peel of the wrapper and eat the dense chocolate cake; saving the mass of frosting for my trashcan’s eager consumption. Don’t waste your $2.50 something.
Don’t get me wrong though, this was my fourth visit to CHAMPS BAKERY and it won’t be my last. I’d also picked my sister up a PB Blondie ($4.50). She huffed at first that they didn’t have the brownie I’d gotten her the first time we’d stopped by, then grimaced at the price, but ended up liking it.
So it’s a little too early to call the game.

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