The Word: Benefit Cosmetics


Hello, I was wondering if your cosmetics contained animal derived (including insects) ingredients. If so, do you have a list of those that you make that are vegetarian and/or vegan friendly. Thank you. This email is regarding the Our Products. Thanks Sarah


Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding this very important issue.

Benefit Cosmetics does not perform or allow animal testing on bulk or finished products. In addition, Benefit Cosmetics does not request that its product manufacturers test on animals. However, we do not make any claims to be vegan. We try to formulate all products without animal derived materials–however, since there may be elements or trace elements of animal derived materials somewhere in the chain of materials used, we cannot say that our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients/materials, as we cannot guarantee this 100% throughout all products as a blanket statement.

In conformity with European rules, tests on ingredients are not done on animals when other methods exist to ensure the safety of those ingredients. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks for your interest in this matter and for shopping with Benefit Cosmetics.

Kristie Black
Benefit Cosmetics Customer Service


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