You Can’t Have Pizza Every Night? Says Who?

Ok, so I think the constuction on the Brooklyn Bridge is an excellent excuse to take the Willaimsburg Bridge and get Vinnie’s Pizza…at least it was on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday, 6/13:

Black Bean has to one of my favorite slices. If you can’t decide between mexican and italian, this is the happy marriage. Black beans and crumblers with vegan cheese and hot sauce

Black Bean

A note for those taking meat-eaters, my sister got a slice of Vegetarian Tortellini. Said it was one of the best slices she’s had.

Wednesday 6/15:

BBQ sauce topped pizza that really reminded me of KFC BBQ Buffalo Wings…from back when I used to eat that stuff.

I have no pictorial evidence for you to drool over. This slice ritualistically sacrficed to my stomach before I thought to take one.

Friday 6/17:

This is one of their most popular slices. It has very thinly sliced breaded eggplant. When I first looked at it, I actually had to ask and make sure it wasn’t meat cause it looks so similar.


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