Father’s Day Dinner at Josie’s Restaurant West


I’m difficult to eat with. What can I say? On holidays and birthdays, though, I tend to try to go with the flow…or sit there while things flow by me. I’ve made meals out of the bread baskets at times.

This Father’s Day though, (ok, day before Father’s Day) my dad was content to just head back to Blossom. I was hoping in NYC for a compromise. We tried a few places, with no luck.

Then we turned to YELP and found a place for for all of us: Josie’s. As soon as we walked in, I asked, ‘Do you have anything vegan?’ And the host and hostess

As soon as I opened the menu, my eyes went to the All Vegetable Meatloaf. The my Dad said, great, they have teryaki. It was perfect.

After talking to our waiter, Jesse, I’m sorry I didn’t snap a picture of my father’s plate of food.

Everything at Josie’s essentially starts out vegan. The place use to be a juice bar, then it became a vegetarian restaurant, then vegan. The chicken teryaki my father was basically the tofu teryaki just swapped out. And it looked delicious…or at least it looked like it would be sans the chicken. The chicken, or tofu, is served over a big helping of vegetables.

If you’re on the Upper West Side and searching for a place with a little something for all, Josie’s is a safe bet.


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