Fighting Over Slices at Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Visited 6/10/2011 (well, 6/11 technically)

After having some drinks with coworkers in Manhattan, it was time to head home to Brooklyn. There’s nothing better than indulging at the end of a long week; so a large slice of vegan pizza from Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg (also located in Greenpoint) was on my mind.

Since the Williamsburg location is open until 3am (yes, that’s right), it’s hard not to make it to the counter on time. Although, I would love to walk in at like 2:45am just to see who’s still there. On South St in Philadelphia, Lorenzo’s and Sons Pizza has huge lines once the bars start closing. With the bars dotting Bedford Avenue, closing time might be funny…but maybe not so much for the guys and gals running the show. 

I was eyeing two slices: the healthier one with artichoke and packed slice with macaroni. I let someone go ahead of me…and there went the last slice of artichoke. He was nice enough to offer it to me, but I was kind of happy I had an excuse to skimp on the veggies (It’s not like I don’t eat enough of them anyway.).

Mac Attack

Mac Attack pizza has pizza sauce, macaroni, two types of TEESE soy cheese, soy crumbles, and hot sauce. As always the crust was perfectly crispy without being tough.

Best part of the late night excursion? Almost as good as the pizza?

Seeing Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, ownder of Vaute Couture, and Danny Carabano, owner of The V-Spot in Park Slope, having slices with friends.

Of course I’m too shy to actually go up and say ‘hi,’ but it was fun to see. Like going to Vegan Drinks, it’s comforting to see likeminded people are out there.

Most endearing, though, would be watching Danny bus the table when they all finished up, with full on wiping off the crumbs. It might just be common courtesy or a product of being in the food industry, but believe me, people do leave their trash on the tables so it’s nice to see. Pay it forward peeps…


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