Breaking My Non-Daily Bread at Le Pain Quotidien

One of my newly fond of eateries in NYC is Le Pain Quotidien. I’d seen the one in Central Park on my first visit, but tossed off the idea; thinking they probably wouldn’t have anything for me. Then it occurred to me that I’d once read an interview with Lea Michele and it was noted they were sitting in a Le Pain Quotidien. So I thought I’d pop in one afternoon.

I’m trying to stick strictly to the vegan labeled items. There isn’t a TON, but some of what they have for vegans is certainly worth a stop in.

Baked Goods:

    • The Vegan Organic Blueberry Muffin actually ranks really low on my list. It’s pretty dry and for me wasn’t worth the 400 calories nor the $2.75.
    • Apparently, online, the Hazelnut Flute is mislabeled as vegan because when I asked in person, I was told it wasn’t.
    • Aside from certain breads, I’ve been eyeing an Apple pastry that the location near has labeled as vegan.


  • Quiche:
  • If you’re into vegetables packed creatively together, try the healthy Six Vegetatble Quiche (370 calories). At $12.75, it’s a bit pricey, though. I’m not sure if what it came with was the Basil Pesto and Vinaigrette, but it was yummy no matter. (Gluten-free)
  • There is a Quiche Vegetarienne that has Gruyere chesse as well, but cheese gets to be a dicey subject.

Tartines have to be by far my favorite items on the menu:

  • My top rated has to be the seasonal Hummus and Curried Cauliflower Tartine. Funny though, that I’d actually been tentative to try it. I got it to go, so I’m curious what my portion would have been like had I been served on location cause what I got was huge. No matter, the taste made this worth the $10+ I dropped on it.
  • I sat in and ate the Organic Black Bean Hummus Tartine. The Spicey Tahini was a nice addition. I wasn’t the hugest fan of the plate my food was served on; I kept thinking my food was going to fall off. (420 calories/$8.55)

Cold Organic Beverages

  • The Lemonade isn’t labeled vegan, but it’s sweetened with Raw Organic Agave Nectar; so there should be no concern of bone char sugar. I have to admit though, I’m not the hugest fan. Another day, I even tried the Lemonade/Iced Tea because I thought the Iced Tea would mute some of the Lemonade’s sweetness. It did. Too sweet went to too bland. Save your calories and your $3.

Le Pain Quotidien also offers vegan soups, salads, and other breakfast items.

While it isn’t exactly cheap, it’s actually no more expensive than Europa Cafe, Cafe Metro, Panera Bread, Au Bon Pain, Corner Bakery Cafe, etc. As with any of these places, it probably shouldn’t be a regular thing, especially if you’re on a budget.

At least once, though, mix it up when you treat yourself and take your time by stopping in and sitting down to eat. I’m excited to find out there is a location on Walnut Street in my heart city: Philadelphia. However, since I’m in NYC now, I’m hoping one day to stop in at the location in Central Park and sitting out in the open air.


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