Vegetarian Food Found at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg


I’ve been so busy checking off my wish list that I’ve forgotten to share the yummy bites. This past weekend, I headed to Williamsburg with both my sister and brother for Smorgasburg.

Along with many booths selling various meaty items, a couple of stands were selling fresh fruits and juices and a few even selling vegetarian and vegan fare.

 Barry’s Tempeh: Offers a variety of flavored tempeh. Barry was whipping up tempeh sandwiches. I stopped by for a sample and wish I’d headed back a sandwich.


Fine & Raw: You can find their chocolate bars in various stores in NY or order online. They were scooping up Almond Chunk and Coconut Chunck ice creams made with the same ingredients as their bars. I had a little of both so I can attest they’re both good, but I have a soft spot for coconut.

Market Share, NYC: Not entirely vegan/vegetarian, they’ve got smarts when telling you what brands are what. I cooled down with The Hero Brewla Bar (vegetarian) and picked up a raw macaroon from Conscious Nosh (vegan/gluten-free) that was sweet but also spicy (I just wish I could remember the flavor).


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