No Blogging Until You Eat Your Edamame


For lunch, I grabbed Au Bon Pain’s limited time soup, 12 Veggie Soup. It’s a really hearty blend of vegetables that tastes creamy from the softened potatoes. You really could make this soup at home, though; especially at around $4.99+ a 16oz bowl (240 calories), you could make a huge pot and save some money. On the go, it is a good vegan option.

Then I popped by ArgoTea for one of their Chickpea Salad Teapot Grains (300 calories/gluten-free). It’s tasty but way too sweet but I don’t recommend it as a meal; it gets a bit overwhelming after a while.

I noticed the little green beans in my soup as a novelty. As I started into the teapot, I noticed an unintended theme. When I got back to my apartment later in the evening and started digging into a Macro & Vegan package of BBQ Unchicken, there they were again. Edamame, seems to be the fad vegetable of the day.

Have you had your edamame?


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