Vegetarian Food Found at Madison Square Market


Vegetarian Pork Belly

The city’s funny. Miss your turn and change your plans and it’ll just change them for you again.

Getting out of the office before 8pm on Friday, something simple yet fun was the hope before at little R&R in Brooklyn.

We got it. After missing our turn, we were heading down to the NYU area, but ended up spotting the Madison Square Market. Wasn’t quite sure what we’d find, but we parked and checked it out.

Vege SoyMeat with BBQ Peanut Sauce

I was in luck and found Hong Kong Street Cart. They are the token place selling vegetarian food. Another stand offers vegan tamales, but they are prepared with the meats. So you have been warned if that is a concern for you. While Hong Kong Street Cart does offer some fish products, I was reassured that they keep them separate.

I’m kind of dense sometimes…I’ll admit it. I’d bought the spring rolls but one of the guys offered me more like, ‘Oh, here. For you to try,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, no, I already bought some.’ Here’s your sign, Sarah.

They were good too. Thin noodles wrapped with greens and some soy pieces, they had a little kick to them.

 The “Pork Belly” won’t be tricking any carnivores, but it’s sweet and savory with a light crunch to it.

The Madison Square Market is only done twice a year, with this current stint ending June 2, 2011. Though your foods for vegetarians/vegans maybe limited at the market, don’t pass it over. It’s still fun to be out amongst the people, checking out both the food and crafts vendors. Make it a stop on your way home one night or a pit stop on the road to something else, considering it closes nightly at 9pm. 


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