Starbucks Can’t Hold a Straw to Soy On The Go

I’ve never really been a tall glass of milk girl…unless it had a plate of cookies next to it or was flavored chocolate or strawberry. I know people though who love a glass of milk with their meals…throwbacks to the 50’s. I went through a brief period when I was younger when I’d drink glasses of milk; those “Got Milk” ads really work. I don’t consume a large amount of cows’ milk these days, and not for the same idealogical purposes as many vegans.

So I’m now into trying out different milks: coconut, hazlenut, soy, rice, etc. Sometimes getting the large cartons, even though they cost less than single serving containers, can be a waste. Well, for me that is. I don’t start every morning off with a bowl of cereal. I don’t drink much coffee, so I’m not putting it in there. Unless, I’m baking something, a large carton is totally unnecessary.

Picking up a Marco/Vegan packaged meal at an Ernest Klein in Manhattan, I saw this in the drinks container. ZenSoy is actually the non-dairy milk brand I saw being used at The V-Spot. ZenSoy sells the larger cartons of their soy milks but also these single serving containers in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cappuccino. Even if other brands have a single serving Cappuccino flavored milk, I’ve never seen it. So I had to grab it up for the novelty.

Way back, I totally had a thing for the bottles of Starbucks Frappuccinos. I used to think buying Starbucks made you look more high-class, now I think it just makes people look dumb. Why drop so much on a coffee? I still pop in when they have a new seasonal flavor that REALLY catches my attention. For everyday, I have no buyers remorse in grabbing one of these Soy on the Go Cappuccinos. They actually have a richer and creamier flavor than a Starbucks Frapp. I love this stuff so much that, when I saw it by the case at Whole Foods, I couldn’t resist. Great alone or as a way to mix up your cereal.


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