Veggie Variation: Subway’s May Sandwich of the Month

I love my old standards at Subway…pretty much either a bunch of veggies in a bowl or on bread. Sometimes it’s nice to have a chnage of pace. Last week I saw a commercial for Subway‘s second Sandwich of the Month: Orchard Chicken Salad Sandwich. Pretty much chunky chicken salad with diced apples, golden raisins, cranberries, and celery. Simple enough. Now, I could have made a chuncky chick’n salad using Quorn Naked Cutlets and vegan Mayo, instead I went with a premade container from One Stop Natural. If I do this again, I’ll find a softer hoagie roll; I just grabbed one from the loose container at my local grocery. Tasty outcome. The celery adds crunch and the cranberries and raisins add sweetness. I admit, I used Craisins rather than fresh cranberries. I also piled my chick’n salad on spinach rather than lettuce. Give it a try and veganize.


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