Data Linking Veg-heads to Giving More…

As a sociology graduate, you know I just love data about social behavior/trends. The social networking (let’s not kid ourselves…it’s a singles site), Ok Cupid, now has charts that cull together the data collected from site particiants through questions answered. Oh goodie. Let me try to put some of my classwork to use by analyzing the chart to the left.

Read simply, amongst both male and female, the odds of vegetarians (in green) enjoying giving oral sex is greater than non-vegetarians (in gray) of the same sex. According to the site’s data, males, no matter their eating habits, have a higher likelihood of enjoying giving oral sex.

The questions used are probably:

1) “Are you a vegetarian?”

2) “Do you enjoy giving oral sex?”

There are intermediating factors that could skew the data. Of course, not everyone who answers question one will be comfortable enough to answer question two. Likewise, not everyone who answers question two will get to question one. As well, some may be inclined to fib for whatever their reasons.

This is definitely a convenience sample who’s small scope creates distortion. Despite how high the bars look, don’t forget to check out the digits to the left.  When you go to ‘party in ‘da club,’ it’s probably best not to assume this is representative of the general public…unless you want to get smacked.

It might have been Benjamin Franklin who noted how one can lie with statistics; so we have to be careful to look beyond the numbers to what they really mean. Of course, for fun, we could just conclude that vegetarians make better lovers and call it a day.


2 thoughts on “Data Linking Veg-heads to Giving More…

  1. HA! – I love the “categories” you put this in. Per your Ben Franklin remark, one expression that comes to mind (pardon the expression) – “Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.” That said, I think your conclusion is a sound one. At least, that’s what my research has found. But it’s always best to confirm one’s scientific findings.

    1. Ha! Thanks. I started the (S)EXPLORATION category when I was doing my Valentine’s Day countdown posts. I like that expression; Old Benny Boy had some smarts. I’m not currently conducting any scientific “research”; my life lacks viable test subjects. You’re lucky to have found Laurie! You two seem like such an amazing pair.

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