Veggie-Fueled Father/Daughter Day

Too cute!


I have been in NYC for 2 months. I can’t believe it. Yesterday my father came to visit. We typically have an agenda; a list of museums mapped out. Yesterday, the only things we had on our list were to bum around Central Park, head to MooShoes for their Vegan Bake Sale, then go to Soy and Sake for dinner.

Considering how close I work to Central Park, the fact that I’d never walked inside before now is ridiculous. In my defense, when I go to the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle or when I went to Candle Cafe, it was later and so darker and so not altogether safe. I’m planning to go back more frequently now though.

As we walked on the west side around the 70’s blocks, we exited the park to check out a building my dad thought looked interesting. Even though I’d had a bagel half with Tofutti Cream Cheese and a Barbara’s Cherry Cereal Bar (Vegan) for breakfast, by noon breakfast was wearing off.

So good I polished it off before we even made it back to the park.
I made a sandwich by putting the mushrooms, salad, and chutney on the toast.

After we left the museum, I spotted Shake Shack down the street and was hoping maybe they’s have something. The line was out the door and I wasn’t up for that. I spotted a row of white tents and thought maybe one of them had food, like down at Union Square.

Nope, all craftspeople selling jewelry and hats and other wares. Across the street I spotted a coffee shop, which turned out to be a Starbucks. Ugh. I’m not hatin’. I just didn’t want the same old same old. So I’d decided we’d just head back and I’d check out what the Le Pain Quotidien in the park might have to offer a vegetarian, when I spotted a word one block up.

It couldn’t be. Could it? Had we really wandered upon Cafe BLOSSOM. For all the treks to veg-friendly restaurants, one of the most notable restaurants in NYC we’d happened upon by dumb-luck. 

Just grabbing something to go turned into sitting down and getting their Blossom Country Breafkast of Tofu Scramble, Sweet Potato Hash Browns, Sauteed Mushrooms,  Meschun Salad, Buttered Toast, and Apple Chutney for me and Fried Tomatoes for my father.


"Some Assembly Required"
Two of my favorites! Now I just need a money tree.


I couldn’t resist getting a Cookie Dough Shake made with Pacifica Soy Milk and Temptations Soy Ice Cream. It was so good. If you’re steering clear of soy, you can have your Shake and Drink it too. For a little extra, just ask for the cashew-based ice cream made from Lula’s and almond milk in lue of the soy milk.

After a little more time wandering the park, we headed down to MooShoes. I’ve been wanting to get to this place for months. Unfortunately, I switched the dates. Today’s the Vegan Bake Sale. Oh well. I looked around for a few minutes. Snatched up a cute pair of shoes on the sale ledge by Neuaura and we were on our way to Soy and Sake.

An appetizer big enough for two to share.

There are 6 pieces to an order; I just couldn’t wait.
So delicious with faux crab and non-dairy cheese. Yummy!
A great option for patrons not into mock meats.

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