Royal Wedding News Causes Vegan Excitement

I’m not big about weddings; I won’t lie…especially not ones that cost enough to feed economically challenged countries…for years. So, the idea that the wedding of William and Kate with cost a reported 80 million pounds is a bit too much for me to get my head around. However, considering the place of marriage in politics, regardless of their affections, the union could have a positive effect on world views regarding the stability of the country’s future.

While everyone is gawking over the details, my first though was, ‘I wonder if they’ll be serving anything vegan/vegetarian at the reception?’ So I googled it and there was an article on the royal wedding’s menu going to be vegan! Ha! Unfortunately it was an April Fool’s Day joke. We can dream.

Considering some of the guests who will be in attendance tomorrow, including Victoria Beckham who helped put the pro-vegan diet book Skinny Bitch on the map in 2007, I imagine there will probably be vegan/vegetarian options.

In other news, The King of Vegas, and vegan, Steve Wynn is getting hitched too. The man who added vegan options to all of the restaurant menues at his numerous luxury hotels will certainly have a vegan feast to be remembered. For other vegan wedding stories and ideas, check out the latest issue of VegNews magazine. And for a little fun, try a cupcake recipe inspired by Kate’s engagement ring.


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