Cocoa V is Sinful in its Sweetness, Not its Ingredients

Visited 2-22-2011

So I just saw an article in the latest issue of VegNews magazine about the restaurant that’s taking over Manhattan. Blossom and its four sister restaurants are spread out at the corners of Manhattan. Even if you’re ready to dismiss the magazine after their recent stock photo scandal, don’t dismiss this series of restaurants.

Seeing Cocoa V on the map reminded me that, while I posted the picture that’s on the door, I never posted the pictures from mt visit to the vegan chocolate and wine shop back in February.

Two months ago, I was just visiting my sister here in New York City. To appease me on my trip, she took me to eat at a few vegan/vegetarian places. Some people go to new places for the museums and historical sites. That’s great and all, but I prefer to wander, take in the sight of people and then take in some good food when I’m tired.

The shop smells amazing. In my notes I’m sure I have the counter woman’s name; I was sure to write it down (no fail in that; fail in losing it in my notes). She was really sweet and welcoming of questions.

What else was sweet? My cupcake! (Were you thinking I’d gotten anything else?) The cake itself was good, but I could get fat on the icing and not care. It’s not fluffy. It’s creamy and smooth. It has a slip that made me wonder how it wasn’t running down the side, but it didn’t budge. There was something about it I couldn’t quite put my finger on…but I was really tempted to get another just to get a second chance to. Instead, I chased my cupcake with a hot chocolate and got a piece of chocolate to go.

My sister chose a slice of Banana Chocolate Bundt cake. Um, yeah, I had a couple of bites too. So good. I loved how it had the flow of chocolate running down the back.

Next time I’m there, I’m totally grabbing one of the brownies. They’re packaged to go but they probably don’t make it down the block if even out the door.


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