The Body Shop $20 for $40 Groupon


A friend posted this on their Facebook and I just had to pass it on. Stock up on veg-friendly essentials from The Body Shop! Now I’m wondering if my Love Your Body card is still valid? Hmm… It’s 10:45am here on the east coast; you have 1 day, 13 hours left…go!


2 thoughts on “The Body Shop $20 for $40 Groupon

    1. I got a little mixed up in your wording. Though L’Oreal may not be, The Body Shop actually promotes themselves as predominately vegan, with maybe one or so vegetarian products. The shop was started in the 1970’s; the buyout did not occur until 2006. Though L’Oreal’s products may contain animal derived ingredients, their purchase of the company meant that they used their corporate funds to perpetuate a brand who’s core values are against animal testing and use. I consider it a positive cause they could have spent those millions elsewhere. Now, if you have evidence to the contrary, that The Body Shop’s products themselves do indeed contain animal derived (slaughter-based) ingredients to which the company is falsely claiming otherwise, please feel free to provide cause I’d like to know. I don’t like being lied to by companies.

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