“Easter” Dinner…at The V-Spot!

Ha! While I remember Thanksgiving was Turkey and Christmas was Ham, I don’t even remember what we used to have on Easter. The last several years of my being vegetarian have changed the holidays for me.

Since I’m not really religious (someone probably has a stake and some match for my admittance of that), yesterday really was just another Sunday…except that my sister and I worried what would be closed in observance of the holiday. I don’t need an excuse to get together with my family. Until I moved out, I had a weekly movie night with my father. Laugh if you want cause I’m 26 years old, but when that time comes, I won’t regret I didn’t spend enough time with them.

Park Slope and Williamsburg have pretty much been our go to neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Since we’ve been satisfying our late night hunger with trips to Williamsburg, after laundry, C.J. suggested we head to Park Slope. I’ve been trying to cook more (I’ll post the proof of that soon), but since we’d moved the car already, that was really the only excuse we needed.

In stark contrast to their brunch rush, The V-Spot was chill at 8pm, which may also have had to do with the holiday. Regardless, a table was nice. As I looked over the menu, I wanted something different. It was a toss up between the Hawaiian Burger, Chipotle Seitan Wrap, and the Jerk Chicken Wrap. Of course I go and pick the one with, not only the menu warning, but the waiter’s warning as well. Jerk Chicken Wrap it was.

The fire starts slowly. I felt it on the roof of my mouth, then it starts to take over. The soy chicken, collard greens, and the rice lend their own unique texture; and my wrap was grilled perfectly…not tough or crunchy. You have to like heat to enjoy this sandwich.

I’ve eaten things that have made me cry. I once had an unfortunate experiment with some habanero peppers…and I cried from those for other reasons than taste. (Note: when handling the hot stuff, wear gloves; the oils from the peppers can get into the creaves of your fingers and burn.) However, I wasn’t crying over this sandwich. Pair it with a lemonade sweetened with agave to cut through the flames.

I decided to forgo a cupcake…and of course that didn’t pan out…I saw one with a flower and when lemon was mentioned…ring it up. Come on! Haven’t you been reading?

And for lunch today, I’ll be sitting in my cubicle having myself some Raw Nori Rolls. Yeah, I splurged. I mean, it was a holiday, right?


One thought on ““Easter” Dinner…at The V-Spot!

  1. That’s got my Easter beat. We went over to my future in-laws and watched the gladiatorial-style combat break out between the nieces and nephews over who found the most Easter eggs. We supplied some vegan mac & cheese, or else we would’ve been resigned to just the fruit salad that was there.
    I’m proud of you for doing the right thing and buying the damn cupcake. If I’m gonna live vicariously thru your amazing selection of eateries in NYC, we have to be on the same page about this: there is no passing on desserts.

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