Vegan Pizza After Midnight? Yep! Vinnie’s Pizzeria!

Visited 4-22-2011

First heard about Vinnie’s Pizzeria from a suggested “match” on a dating site. Yeah, I know. I spend most of my days in an office building, though…and you know corporate tends to have a frownie face over some inter-office dating. Plus, sometimes you can actually become acquainted with some nice people.

Located at 148 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this joint has a high turnover; the customers, even at 1am, were consistent. There is another location in Greenpoint. Both are open late, but on Fridays and Saturday, the Williamsburg location closes at 3am while Greenpoints closes up at midnight.

Now, let’s make it clear, I heart Blackbird Pizzeria in Philadelphia. That it’s all vegan is great. That I bought there probably the two tastiest slices ever…is why it’s amazing. At Vinnie’s Pizzeria, though, everyone can be satisfied. My sister actually said it was now at the top of her list. She could get something for herself (even though, of the two slices she got, one was actually vegetarian, and she said that it was better than the meaty slice.)

In both vegetarian and vegan, they had several yummy looking varieties at only $4 a slice, which is a great price considering they’re serving you up a nice size slice.

When I asked what the vegan options were, including a perfectly melted Daiya-packed cheese slice. Something about vegan chick’n and jalapenos sold me, though. The combinations are definitely original.

I wished my vegan cheese had melted a little more, but the crust was nice and crispy. The jalapenos weren’t too overpowering either. I vascillated…but only momentarily…before I scowered my bag for my emergency $5 and went up for a second slice. It was a toss up between a vegetarian slice with black beans, a vegan slice with eggplant, and the special vegan spare rib with broccoli.

I really liked that, when I asked about whether the feta cheese on the vegetarian pizza had animal rennet, the guy (fail Sarah at getting helpful people’s names. Doh!) went to check. With feta, I already knew that there tends not to be a concern, and he said that the ingredients didn’t list it.

Tom Hanks says, 'Thanks.' LOL!
Wrapped to-go but it didn't even make it out the door!

The girl at the counter commented that she really should have known the answer because vegetarians come in all the time and ask the same question. (Yes! I’m not alone!) I went with another vegan slice cause I figured, ‘get it while I can.’ According to her, the spare rib normally comes with pineapple and the broccoli normally comes with chick’n. So this special slice was a “marriage” of the two. She was right that the spare rib was really good, but I’m thinking I have to try it with the pineapple cause the broccoli seems kind of bland; totally wasn’t carrying its weight in the partnership.

In addition to my slices, I’d gotten a vegan Cookies and Cream Brownie ($3.50). The plan was to take it home. I’m not good with the follow though. The mound of sweet vegan frosting was calling to me through the cellophane…and I answered it by gobbling it all down.

Additionally, they have vegan options other than pizza, including Garlic Knots (5/$1), Ham Pinwheels ($1.50), Italian Sausage Rolls ($5.50).

Since, my Diet Snapple ($1.50) was all that made it out the door, this place does come with a warning: Don’t eat yourself sick. I gobbled up way too much food, and as I drank my Snapple on the way home, it hit me just how stuffed I was. With so many choices at such a reasonable price, it’s easy to get carried away! They’re cash only, but like Foodswings just a mile away, they have an ATM in shop to help you out with that. So go. Eat some vegan pizza. Let the work week melt with the Daiya.


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