The Word: Brach’s Candies

Will there be a vegetarian standout?

Ok, so if you’re a vegetarian, you can’t really have those cute Conversation Hearts even if the sugar isn’t processed with bone char, unless your definition of vegetarian fare includes gelatin. Yes, like gummy bears, Brach’s Conversation Hearts, the Valentine’s day fave, contain gelatin. Um, with an exception. Browsing the Valentine’s candy at Walmart, I did notice that either the Sassy or the Sweet variety of Conversation Hearts (at left) did not contain gelatin. I can’t remember which one does or doesn’t, but if their reply to my email doesn’t make it a moot point, I’ll be sure to go back to Walmart and find out which one…and grab a few boxes while I’m there. Since Brach’s is a fairly large candy company, I’m hoping they keep exceptional records of ingredient processing by their distributors, but that didn’t prove the case with Godiva. So we shall see.


Query 2-9-2011

Question regarding sugar processing practices

My name is Sarah. I want to first say that I enjoyed your products throughout my childhood. As I’ve gotten older, I have become a vegetarian. In my research regarding vegetarianism, I have read that some sugar refineries use bone char filters to make their sugar whiter. My question is whether your company uses sugar from refineries that use bone char filters? I have contacted many companies concerning ingredients and processing practices, some more forthcoming than others. I thank you and your company greatly for any time given to this matter.



One thought on “The Word: Brach’s Candies

  1. I have never found a Brach’s candy that didn’t have gelatin in it. I stay far away from their candy corn and other halloween offerings because of this and just today, I checked out their conversation hearts and they had gelatin listed as the 3rd ingredient.

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