Nature’s Path Customer Question about Whey

Since I am on the fence about the dairy ingredient whey, I decided to ask a company that uses whey protein concentrate and labels their products as vegetarian, to hear what they have to say about the matter. I just wrote about the brand Nature’s Path because I like that they do have toaster pastries that do not have gelatin. Below is my Customer Service Submission and Nature Path’s reply.



I am a vegetarian which is why I first picked up a box of your Toaster Pastries and I love them. Recently I have been reading about the ingredient whey and how it may come into contact with animal rennet added to the milk, then I noticed that your pastries contain whey protein concentrate. So that I can make an informed decision when purchasing your products, could you tell me whether animal rennet is used at any point during the manufacturing process of the whey you use in your products? Thank you.


Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your comments on one of our Nature’s Path products. We take each comment seriously and we endeavor to always provide a good quality product. Nature’s Path is committed to producing quality organic foods, using the best ingredients available, while adhering to strict quality control procedures.

Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries do not contain animal rennet however they whey is a dairy ingredient.

Nature’s Path makes over 70 organic products, each with a variety of ingredients. All Nature’s Path products are vegetarian. The use of dairy or honey is due to the flavor profile or texture these ingredients contribute to the product.

There are different kinds of vegetarians. Lacto-ovo vegetarians do not eat meat, but they do eat dairy and eggs. Lacto vegetarians do not eat meat or eggs but eat dairy products. Vegans do not eat any animal products or by-products. All Nature’s Path and EnviroKidz products are vegetarian. Most of our products are also vegan.
For more information on Nature’s Path vegetarian and Vegan products, please visit

N.B. Please be aware vegan and vegetarian statements are in no way related to allergen statements. Please specify your query if you require further information regarding dairy/ casein allergies.

Please visit for more information on our company and our products.

Your email tells us that you are passionate about your health and wellness. If you would like to get more involved and share your opinion with us, please accept our invitation to join our research panel, The Cereal Bowl, at

Thank you for being a valued Nature’s Path customer.


2 thoughts on “Nature’s Path Customer Question about Whey

  1. Jeezum Crow, lady! I thought it was safe to step away for a few days, but I check back and you’ve been posting like a machine – way to crank out the animal-friendly love! (waitaminute, that came out wrong… ) Anyhoo, I’m really digging yer topics lately – I love the detective/journalist’s approach to different products, even if it’s not food. As someone who’s transitioning from veggie to vegan, it’s making me think about all kinds of things and what’s important to me. Like the gelatin issue – i’d popped some gummi bears knock offs in my cake hole the other day without a second thought – hmmmmm.
    It’s interesting to see who answers you and what they say – keep it up.

    1. Ha! I wish I could say it’s all new stuff I’ve posted today. I try to put up one a day, but I’ve been migrating pages to posts to make everything look cleaner. On the gummi bear topic, though, while they aren’t the Haribo I used to put away loads of when I was a kid, I just picked up some Let’s Do…Organic Fruiti Bears Gummies at a Giant in PA last weekend. They’re vegan and a little pricey (around $5 for a box with 4 small packets), but the classic variety is damn near the closest I’ve had so far; others have been too soft.

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