Kozy Shack SmartGels Query…Cross your fingers for this one!

Cherry Smart Gels (copyright Kozy Shack, 2011)

If you read me mention about looking for a substitute for gelatin, which PETA so helpfully provides, you know I’m curious about finding a vegetarian/vegan Jell-o alternative. Kozy Shack (and who knows who else) may have beat me to the punch…and that’s fine by me. (I’m still going to do my own fun, at-home experiements…and, yes, they will involve vodka.)

Kozy Shack SmartGels come in 4 flavors (3 of which have sugar free varieties that are only 10 calories a cup) and are labeled “Carrageenan-based. No Animal By-Products.” From reading labels and contacting companies, I’ve learned (and maybe you have too) that companies have their own standards attached to these labels. Understandable, I suppose, because individual vegans and vegetarians have their own definitions too. So, I contacted Kozy Shack, and I’ll keep you posted. I’m crossing my fingers for this one.


Questions or Comments

I was recently checking out your Kozy Shack SmartGels. I was excited to see that they are carrageenan-based and that they have “No Animal By-Products.” This is nice to see, but I know companies have different definitions. Could you tell me a little more about what the exclusion of animal-by products means to your company? Does this mean the exclusion of products made from animals, like gelatin? Or the exclusion of products that come in contact with products made from animals, like whey that comes in contact with animal rennet? Does your definition of “animal” include fish and insects? Thank you for any additional information you can provide me with.


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