Hourglass Mascaras

My email pretty much explains why I contacted Hourglass Cosmetics about their mascara. They have vegan products and, judging from the ingredients, I wandered about their mascaras. Hourglass thoroughly impressed me by one uping me and offering up info I didn’t even ask for.

Query 1-30-2011

I was in a Sephora and when I told a woman with your brand that I was vegetarian, she told me that some of your products are vegan. I have your foundation and was looking into some of your other products. I see “VEGAN” listed next to most of the products in your “FACE” section, excluding the bronzers. When I went to other sections, though, I didn’t see any vegan products. Really, I’m interested mainly in a mascara. I couldn’t find ingredients listed on your site, so I went to Sephora.com. I noticed beeswax in the Film Noir Mascara. I was just curious if this was the only ingredient that kept this mascara from being considered vegan? As noted, I’m vegetarian, so I’m not particularly concerned about the use of beeswax. Thank you for any information you can provide.
Sarah Leonard

Reply 2-2-2011

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your interest in Hourglass Cosmetics.

The only non-vegan ingredient in our Film Noir Mascara is the Beeswax.

In case you were interested in our Superficial Lash Mascara, that product contains Beeswax as well as Lanolin Wax.

Hope this info was helpful.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

Thank you,



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