ClickR Skin Care

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So I was at Sephora last night and took a hard look at their new ClickR Skin Care. Many of the boxes have “Naturally pure. Always vegan” written on their sides. All except two: the Acne Spot Serum and the Stop-Time Night Cream. Looking through the ingredients I noticed that the Acne Spot Serum has lactic acid (not really vegan) and the Stop-Time Night Cream has bees wax (also not really vegan).

Should I really care? I mean, why should I? I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan.

Besides, these boxes don’t carry the vegan claim on them; I even had someone else check to make sure I hadn’t overlooked it. However, on it claims that “This breakthrough brand is also 100% vegan and committed to never testing products on animals.” I like honesty, that’s all. If the first part of this statement is, well, false, how can I believe the second part about animale testing?

Then again, what if all the the products are 100% vegan and it’s just that they’ve found ways to make synthetic lactic acid and bees wax. Okay, but then all the boxes would be wrong. How can something synthetic be pure?

So, yeah, something seems off to me. I’ve emailed the company in the hopes they can clear up my confusion about the inconsistencies.


Thank you for your precise detective work! You are right that lactic acid can be sourced from milk, however it can come from other natural, plant based sources as well. The lactic acid in Acne Spot Serum is in fact vegan and its source lies in plants. We assure you that we have done our homework on this one.

Beeswax! We are looking into this now and will be back to you shortly to clear up the confusion.

We appreciate your questions and hope you keep in contact.


Well, the part about lactic acid is good to know. I only know what I know about lactic acid from Wikipedia. Although, seriously, this just proves how difficult it is to figure out how ingredients are sourced. I’m going to look on the bright side that alternatives sources do exist and companies are looking into them, and the hope that eventually companies will come up with more simplified labels, without the indiscernible names.

They’ll get back to me on the bees wax. That’ll be interesting.

I like how quickly they replied. This one took only hours. They’re new, but it’s refreshing when I’ve been waiting MONTHS for replies from some companies.

I’m still not writing them off my list yet.


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