Earth Balance Vegan Margarine, You Made My Morning

So, 6am Monday morning my sister and I high tailed it back to NYC for work. Some things didn’t migrate with me to NYC when I moved last month. I just had to buy a new pack of Earth Balance Vegan Margarine. Actually, I had sticks in PA, but sprung for the tub of soy-free margarine here, which is weird cause I haven’t been a butter girl for years. Too many calories.

I’d initially only picked up the vegan butter and shortening when I’d started trying to make vegan cupcakes. (Don’t even! I know! What a contradiction. I wasn’t using butter as a topping but cupcakes weren’t a problem.)

I popped an English Muffin in the toaster and finished pulling together my things while the butter softened and soaked in. It melts into the little “nooks and crannies,” and tastes just the same. Good to go.


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