Will a member of the Veg Party please stand up?

I wouldn’t call myself a “foodie,” but I have been called one. I don’t eat to live; I live to eat. I don’t want to always have the same thing. For years, The Food Network has been my window into the culinary world. Even being a vegetarian for several years now, I’ve still watched Rachel Ray eat in various cities throughout the world on “$40 a Day,” Bobby Flay “Throwdown” against other chefs, and Guy Fieri visit some of the best “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” Occasionally vegetarian/vegan recipes will be featured by Food Network chefs. For the most part though, I watch to see what they’ll whip up, that predominately contains meat, then think, ‘How can I make that vegetarian/vegan?’

It wasn’t until several months ago, when I heard about Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s win on Cupcake Wars, that I started to notice the void. As I got more and more into finding vegetarian/vegan dedicated restaurants and cookbooks, and noticed there were personalities behind these places and behind the pages, I realized the go to frequency for foodies was devoid of a show hosted by a vegan/vegetarian.

The Cooking Channel, Food Network’s sister station, aired the Veg Edge special, a one shot special to spotlight vegetarian/vegan chefs throughout the U.S.A., later in 2010 and probably as a means to test the waters. Testing the waters of a minority population on a newbie channel that requires a more extensive (and most-likely higher priced) cable station package seems to be setting the endeavor up for failure.

After Coscarelli, early last summer, in Dec, Sweet Freedom Bakery scored tons of air time during the 2 rounds they went on Cupcake Wars mainly for the difficulities they were having with all the supplied ingredients. Most recently, the second season came to a close with yet another vegan winner. However, while these ladies (so far) can bake the cupcakes that win some battles, the war is still lost.

This summer, Animal Planet is hoping on the wagon with a reality show centered around Danille Konya, the owner of Vegan Treats. I’ll certainly be curious to see how the show is received and what comes down the pipe afterwards.

Currently, though, while Ellen Denegeres will on occassion feature vegan and vegetarian chefs on her day-time talk show and the pro-vegan Skinny Bitch may have made it into the hands of Victoria Beckham, there is no face for Vegans/Vegetarians on the premier food-centric network on television.


One thought on “Will a member of the Veg Party please stand up?

  1. Fine, I’ll do it, I’ll allow my beauty to be used to popularize Vegan/Vegetarianism! ;D

    Oh, maybe you and I can just start our own show, we’ll be the “2 veggies” or something lol. I have a recipe book of Italian family secrets my mother has spent her whole life perfecting, lets use it for the powers of good!

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