Quick and Dirty Vegan Chick’n Parm Sandwich

At Foodswings last week, my sister’s sandwich, particularly the roll, made me want to make something similar. Instead of Buffalo, I wanted something with tomato sauce on it. I’m chillen in the PA suburbs on this rainy weekend, without many places to go to eat. While I’d have loved to head into the city and munched on a Cubano sandwich or slice from Balckbird, a girl’s still gotta eat.

I went to the market and picked up:

  • Maier’s Crustini Rolls $3 for 8 rolls [I love these rolls; they remind me of the rolls that I remember from Wendy’s back in the day (whether they still use them I have no idea; I haven’t been to a Wendy’s in year!) They have no dairy, no eggs.]
  • Tofutti Non-Dairy Mozzarella Slices [I was at my local GIANT, not Whole Foods, and was having some trouble finded vegan Mozzarella, then I spotted Tofutti and went for it. The texture and taste of this cheese is probably the closest vegan cheese slices I’ve had.]
  • Boca Original Chick’n Patties $2.99 for 4 patties [While these have more calories than Morningstar Farms, they don’t have dairy or egss. Plus they all specify non-meat natural flavors. My favorite patties, though, are by Moophrey.]
  • Don Peppino Pizza Sauce [OMG! I was going to just grab a can of tomato paste and make a sauce of my own, but I’m lazy. Since sugar sources are on my mind more and more, when I saw the can of Don Peppino, I wondered if it had sugar in it. I used to use this type of pizza sauce for other things I’d mix up. Not only does it not have sugar, it’s vegan and labeled so. The consistency is a Goldilocks not too thin, not too thick mixture.]
  • Hot Suace [Any old one will suffice. I just like to add a little kick.]

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