‘Ding-Dong! The AVON Lady’…has nothing to offer vegans.

This inquiry was regarding the MARK brand that is a side-brand under the AVON umbrella. I’m trying to tweek my company inquiries. I’m following up on this because I don’t believe it read the way I intended. I’m most dissappointed that portions of my query were not addressed at all, like whether a list of animal derived ingredients is available.

Original Message Follows:
I am interested in your Mark brand but I am vegetarian. I was wondering if your company had a full list of either vegan or vegetarian products, similar to that of the brand Urban Decay? If not, do you have a list of ingredients for vegetarians (those that require the death of animals or insects) or for vegans (all animal and insect biproducts regardless of morbidity) to use when shopping to sort what they can and cannot use? If none of these are available, would it be possible to get vegetarian confirmation of 4 specific skincare products? Shine Fighter, Mist Opportunity, Calming Effect, and Calm and Composed. Thank you for any information you can provide. Sarah



Hello Sarah,

I have received your email regarding a number of concerns. My name is
Rick G., and I’m happy to assist you with each one of them. To ensure
that all your concerns are covered, I have listed them below:

– Product being vegan
– Availability of the product similar to the competitor

It may be disappointing for you to know that we don’t have any product
which is vegan.

Additionally, it may be upsetting for you to know that we don’t have any
product similar to the Urban- Decay.

I hope I’ve helped you. Please keep an eye on our website. We’re always
trying to improve it for you.

Rick G.
Avon Information Center

Some companies do provide lists of animal derived ingredients. I’m hoping AVON/MARK will soon do so too.


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