1am Run to Foodswings to Satisfy Our Cravings

Visited 4-9-2011

After spending all day cooped up in an office building in Manhattan, my sister and I finally made it back to Brooklyn. Um, we just forgot the whole food and eating thing. Starving, we decided to take a drive to Foodswings at 295 Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York.

The peeps from Foodswings had been at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival last Sunday. Then my new acquaintance, the EcoLoveChef, Brooke Guthrie told me they were a bit of a guilty pleasure kind of place; where you go to get your bar/fast food/grease spoon type fare…only veganized.

I’d checked out the menu online and salivated, but my face kind of lit up when I saw the chalk board packed with scrawlings of menu items I can’t normally get. The potential options of vegan yumminess were a bit overwhelming. I’d been eyeing the Chick’n Cordon Bleu, but at that time of the night you have to order from the midnight munchies menu. Not a problem, though; still plenty of good stuff to be had, without a doubt. Just means I have to return for more in the future!

My sister ordered a Buffalo Cutlet Sandwich and The Tank Milkshake. Considering they sell pints of ice cream Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, I think they make their milkshakes with Lula’s ice cream. (I’ll have to ask next time…unless someone else knows?) C.J. couldn’t say enough about how good her sandwich. Essentially a chick’n patty on a sandwich roll, it’s what they add that makes it. She was a little perplexed at how vegan blue cheese could be made. I wished I could tell her, but I won’t lie; I have no idea.

For myself, it was a Kickin’ Veggie Slider, Punk Fries, and a Chocolate Coconut Skull Cake.

My sister said that, for her, the soy cheese had a funny after taste. Since my food was too much to just eat there, I took a portion of my cheese fries with me. I couldn’t disagree with her as much anymore as I continued eating them, especially when they started getting cold. Cold soy cheese does have a very distinct taste from regular cheese.

Apparently, I’m not as much of a french fries girl as I used to be, though. My Kickin’ Veggie Slider made my night. I could have gotten a whole sack of them, even at $3 a piece. They’re like a small McDonald’s hamburger like you might used to have gotten from a Happy Meal…only you can actually feel happy knowing nothing died to make them. Plus, they have a lot more flavor packed in. A little spice/heat, the pickle added a little tartness, the cheese and sauce were a creamy mix, and the whole thing fell apart in my mouth.

I’d eyed the Skull Cakes at the NYCVFF, but only had cards, so I was sure to grab one this time. The cake has a nice texture, but it’s pretty dense. I liked the thin layer of coconut enrusted on the top and the chocolate bits for the eyes and mouth. At the festival, I asked about the sugar used in their desserts. It’s an agave/turbinado mixture…so 100% vegan!

We pretty much ate there but they wrapped all our food to go in case we didn’t finish it fast enough. At 1:40am, they were ready to get the hell out of there, and you can’t really fault them. If you’re craving something diet-be-damned, but ethically sound, grab some vegan fast food from Foodswings. Open until 11pm Sundays and Mondays, 12am Tuesdays through Thursdays, and 2am Fridays and Saturdays. Last note: don’t forget your cash! They don’t accept cards but they do have an ATM machine just in case you need.

[Excuse my pictures. I was a bit off my A game (and it shows), but you can see the good bits.]


One thought on “1am Run to Foodswings to Satisfy Our Cravings

  1. Crap in my hat – vegan junk food?!! Sign me up!! I’ve dreamt of such a thing, but thought the two were mutually exclusive. In my meat eating days, it was a guilty pleasure that I was strangely proud of to hit the local White Castle after several whiskey sours and finish off a bag of sliders at 2am (ugh! don’t remind me) – and now, it sounds as tho I can experience that luxury again, vegan style. I just gotta make it to Brooklyn from MA before I pass out. Or I can keep reading your blog.
    ‘Love the last pics – it looks like everyone’s just eating really fast.

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