Play Date: Vegan Drinks NYC March 31, 2011 Recap

Last Thursday, March 31, 2011, I finally made it to Vegan Drinks. NYC rather than Philly now, though. (One day I will attend a Vegan Drinks Philly, MARK MY WORDS!) This gathering was at Angels and Kings. Even with only one main bar and a fairly open space, this place was packed by the time I rolled in after 8pm. The place has some Renaissance touchs with a dimly lit, easy nature.

Some were there promoting their being at the, then upcoming, NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, like some of the peeps from Sea Shepherd and Danny from The V Spot was selling empanadas. At the last minute, the Facebook event page was changed to include fundraising efforts for victims in Japan.

It had been one of those days at work, so I made my way to the bar. Vegan Drinks prints out a list of Vegan-friendly beers and drinks that the bar offers. One hitch? The mixed drinks listed were outdated. The bartender didn’t know how to make the older drinks. So I ordered my food and considered the options.

The food was not a problem though. After Dennis, the bartender, confirmed that the food was cooked in new oil, I ordered up some Chick’n Fingers and Crispy Shoestring Fries. So not good for me but I so didn’t care. It’s a rarity to even be able to walk into a bar and order food. Most places toss everything in together. A Cool Bitch was my drink of choice (even if I won’t make the same choice again) and, no, I do not know if it was vegan.

As I sat there noshing my food, I thought, ‘Nothing like showing up to a bar alone to exacerbate my shyness.’ I didn’t want to break into peoples’ conversations, especially close one-on-one conversations, a possible connection with someone who shared their same values; far be it for me to interject myself. Even though Vegan Drinks isn’t a singles event, I didn’t want to mess anything up. So I sat there taking in the bar and the people.

I am the kind of person who asks thee most random questions, and when I saw a guy with a wrapped up sandwich, I couldn’t resist asking what it was. I think, in addition to empandas, The V Spot had other foods for sale. When he asked me about my food, I offered him a Chick’n Finger. I’d been contemplating head home as the night wore on, considering it was a Thursday, but I’m glad I stuck around.

As we got to talking, turns out he’s a little bit of a big deal in some circles, being a Vegan Armwrestler and all…oh, and being a successful one at that. Rob Bigwood (yeah, I thought he was kidding too) was a vegetarian for a few years before becoming vegan the last three years. We talked about why he became a vegan and some good places to grab a bite. One of his favorites? Soy & Sake.

Vegan Drinks will again be held at Kings and Angels on Thursday, April 28, 2011 from 7-10pm. Come on out. Who knows what random encounters you might have.


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