Random Encounters: Chef Brooke Guthrie

On my way back to Union Square, content, after attending the first ever New York City Vegetarian Food Festival, I spotted a woman carrying a Picari chocolate bag. Out of curiousity, I walked up and asked her if she’d just been to the festival. She said she’d met the nice people at the Picari booth and was sold, then continued on to tell me what she planned to do with the chocolates.

As I talked with Chef Brooke Guthrie, creator of EcoLoveChef, she told me of her plans for opening a cafe and of her her cooking classes. [Note: Chef Brooke will be teaching a class on Gluten-free  vegan foods at the Jewish Community Center this Sunday for $79. Contact her for more details or find her on MeetUp.com]

We walked and talked about the best places to go in NYC, the recent winner of CUPCAKE WARS, and the high points of the festival. Chef Brooke pointed out Murray’s on 6th Ave for having the best bagels and offering tofu cream cheese to boot. She actually walked with me to Lifethyme Market to show me the best vegan/vegetarian picks. Her tips: Go for the hot bar…and the desserts. In the mood for a smoothie, they have a smoothie bar. Chef Brook also mention that I could get my main grocery staples at Fairway and that the prices would be close to what I was used to at home outside Philly.

Follow Chef Brook at http://twitter.com/EcoChefLove


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