Take a Virtual Bite Out of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

Most of what people talked about in line was the potential for free food. I left stuffed from sampling and some purchases…

Honest Tea: I sampled the low calorie drinks, but I’m really curious about the new CocoaNova drinks.

Loving Hut: Voted as a favorite chain in VegNews Magazine, many were loving their quesadilles and mac and cheese…all vegan of course!

Sweet and Sara: Sara Sohn had out some of the largest samples. The Long Island-based marshmallow maker also brought her Vegan Peeps!

Liz Lovely: Her cookies really are lovely too! She had samples of her Snickerdoodles and German Chocolate Cake, both Vegan AND Gluten-Free. My favorite was the Snickerdoodle; it just fell apart in my mouth but not in a grainy way. You just have to try it to know. Also, I’m loving the Macaroonies Sock-It-To-Me!

Earth Balance: What better way to enjoy your cookies than with a glass of milk. The makers of these delicious soy milks were pouring out the good stuff! But don’t forget they make vegan butter, shortening, and spreads…essential for baking your vegan cupcakes and great for melting on some warm pancakes. One guy wished them success at unthroning SILK! Personally, there’s room in my fridge for both. I tried all three flavors they had available and I’ll say that I love how their unsweetened variety doesn’t taste watered down.

Chicago Soy Dairy: Not only did they have (pretty much) a trough of Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, but they also served up Nachos and Pizza with Teese. So delicious!

Foodswings: This popular restaurant in Brooklyn, New York was a stand out. I must go to the place! I was told it’s a guilty pleasure. When I asked about the sugar used in the cakes and whether there was any issue with bone char being used, humor aside, she just emphasized the words, “Entirely Vegan.” Enough said.

…more to come…


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