Riding an Animated Wave to Redefining Junk Food

A new campaign from a “bunch of Carrot Famers” is encouraging consumers to eat carrots like junk food. Repackaging baby carrots in bags reminiscent of potato chip packs, manufacturers are hoping to change the way these vegetables are viewed. Now their hitching their wagon to the hype surrounding the new move HOP, in an all-too-obvious movie-tie-in. And they are willing to admit that. Literally. Flip over their promotional packaging for the movie and read for yourself.

If Bugs Bunny never swayed you, here’s “What’s Up Doc?”…they go great with dips. If you can’t stand the idea of baby carrots by themselves, try them with hummus, salsa, or even peanut butter! What have you got to lose…except for all the fats, sodium, and preservatives of your usual bag of chips?

Check out the commericial for Baby Carrots. And see HOP, in theaters tomorrow, April 1, 2011.


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