Pear Brained

Apparently I have a new adoration for pears. Yellow apples always top my list. Strawberries, cherries, kiwi, grapes…tried and true. On all my recent stops to the fruit stand, though, I’ve been picking up at least one pear.

Exhibit A: Pear and Pecan Muffin from Body & Soul (3/21/2011)

Monday morning, I took my own suggestion and popped by the Body & Soul stand in Union Square. After contemplating the choices, I ended up selecting the Gluten-Free Pear and Pecan Muffin. (I also picked up a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie, but that’s beside the point…and not with a high recommendation while we are on the subject.) I don’t tend to be a muffin girl. (It’s a caloric content thing, you know.) This is worth it, though. The pears give it a creaminess and the pecans lend it a crunch, altogether dismissing the idea that vegan muffins are all dense, grainy, and boring.

Exhibit B: Grilled Almond Butter with Maple and Pear Slices (3/25/2011)

Then yesterday morning I whipped up another Grilled Almond Butter with Maple sandwich, but this time I added ripe Bartlett Pear slices. The bread was crispy/crunchy; the almond butter was melty and coated the softened pear slices.

Exhibit C: An unexpected combination is always a fun experiment.

Way back in September/October I made…wait for it…Baby Brussel Sprouts and Apples and Pears. You can think I’m crazy, but I loved it!


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