Josh Duhamel and TOKIDOKI Want Some Relief!

Luckily I happened to get up from my desk just in time to see Josh Duhamel on ELLEN. Duhamel made the appearance on the unabashedly vegan host’s show to promote the upcoming Relief Run on March 27th in Santa Monica to benefit the the relief efforts of the American Red Cross for victims of Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami.

What caught my attention most was the actor’s t-shirt…though he’s not so bad himself. I have a soft spot for the cartoon characters of TOKIDOKI. Created by Italian artist Simone Legno, the characters are varied and have their own stories.

I heart the MOOFIA, headed by the tommy gun toting Mozzarella. Since I am vegetarian, I can’t help but love SOYA and RICE MILK, as well. Get addicted! They’re good for you!

Can’t be in Santa Monica? Purchase the shirt with 100% of the proceeds going towards relief aid.


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