I’m hardcore, but I’ve never…

I’ve walked out of restaurants and I’ve given my two cents to rude staff, but I’ve never thrown my food at someone who had screwed up my order…even if I’d dreamt of it like a scene out of Ally McBeal. We want people to understand vegetarianism/veganism, not give them reasons to think we’re just cranky cause we haven’t had McD’s. Please, if everyone could just take your cues from Sarah Kramer, author of Vegan a Go Go. When planning to travel, make sure to pack a little something extra just in case something doesn’t go right. It’s easier said than done because I know what it’s like to leave the house in a hurry. Thanks for setting up back, nameless traveler. How about we not be in the press for this again?

MSNBC article, 3/21/2011

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