Nourish Your Body & Soul

Visited on 2/4/2011

When weekend days seem to go quicker than the weekdays come, you can still indulge your tastebuds on your Monday morning crawl into the office. Especially with the weather warming up, make sure to make a stop at Union Square. Amongst the merchants at this Farmer’s Market at 17th and Broadway is Body & Soul.

At this stand you’ll find a twist on the typical morning standards of muffins and scones; specializing in, not only vegan but, organic and local fare.

If you’re standing there and need a suggestion, search for the Pear Thyme Scone. A little sweet, a little savory, with a tender texture that foregoes the grainy, crumbly mess of competitors.

Get a taste on Mondays and Fridays as well from 8am-6pm. Also, ask about their brunch hours on Saturday mornings at a different location. When the weekend comes back around, it’ll be the encouragement you might need to either get up and get going or to stop and take a breather.


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