Pink’s Pointing Out What’s “Wrong In All the Right Ways”

P!NK's Anti-Fur Campaign fro PETA

P!NK’s Raise You Glass video came out back around October/November 2010…but it’s new to me, and may be new to you as well. It may also be news to you that that P!NK is a vegetarian.

In the video for Raise Your Glass, a song off her latest album, P!NK continues her trend of pushing the envelope. In addition to fighting a bullfighter, her and two accomplices milk four blindfolded womens’ breasts to feed a very thirsty baby cow.

Even though I’ve listening to her for years, she has a new resonance with me. She has the vision to challenge social norms and viewers comfort levels by flipping the established roles 180 degrees. This video shows what’s wrong and does it in all the right (and, in true P!NK form, outrageous) ways.

We’ll just go ahead and file her as a Crush Alert.

Click for more about P!NK’s outspokenness against animal cruetly. And watch the video for yourself!

[Warning: some material may considered mature.]


2 thoughts on “Pink’s Pointing Out What’s “Wrong In All the Right Ways”

  1. I love Pink! Today I went to pilates and the whole hour they played all Pink music. I especially like the song she wrote (not sure what it is called ) where she sings to “Mr. President.”

    I didn’t know she is a vegetarian…just another reason to like her even more 🙂

    1. Different articles had varying things to say regarding her level of vegetarianism, but every choice will hopefully add up to a big difference for animals.

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