Whole Foods’ Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie


Snack time!

I wish I had the nutritional information for these babies. Maybe I’ll shoot them email regarding this and the vegan muffins? Yeah, I’ll do that. Each cookie is around 2 and half ounces. From other recipes online, I’ve estimated around 300…and that was shooting high. I’m working on an article to do with sodium; so that information would be helpful to know too. Although, considering I rolled out of bed and ate a cookie, you’d think sodium would be the last concern I have. (Not right away but it was the first thing I’ve had my hands on today…my lunch and dinner will be healthier; I promise you.)

Sorry, camera phone.

As far as taste, these have a slight buttery taste. The cookie doesn’t get oily, but the aftertaste turns that way. The cookies are softer in the center than on the rim but the whole thing is pliable and chewy, not crunchy. I’ve had 3 of these cookies since I first saw them in the case about a week ago, and I’d say thats a fair number to know consistency. (Hey, I could have bought the 6-pack bag, but then I’d have eaten them all, so I’d say I’ve been pretty good.) It’s a novelty that they have these in the case as any other sweets. $0.99 ain’t bad either. I also saw Vegan Snickerdoodles.

Other brands to try for some variety in the Whole Foods breads and sweets area, Liz Lovely and Alternative Baking Company.


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