Sharon’s Sorbet in Passion Fruit

Copyright Sharon's Sorbet Inc.


Sharon’s Sorbet in Passion Fruit

  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • No Corn Syrup

This is a little bedtime snack for me tonight, and probably one of the better ones if you’re looking a little indulgence. Sharon’s Sorbet currently comes in 9 flavors. I first picked up Blueberry because it was on sale at Whole Foods in the middle of last month…and I went back for more.

Passion Fruit is the second flavor I’ve tried. Neither have been excessively sweet. Still, there’s 24g of sugar in a half cup serving. So if you do find yourself indulging late night, don’t go overboard. Other than that and the fairly minor 100 calories a serving, there’s no sodium or fat…in this flavor at least (You’ll find a different story on the side of both the Dutch Chocolate and the Coconut.).

Considering how creamy these sorbets are, it’s surprising they are non dairy. And aside from their taste, another nice thing about this brand, from what I’ve tried, they don’t get hard. Ever open up a fresh container of something frozen and it’s really soft, easy to scoop? But as you go back for more, each new time you open the container, the contents are so solid you have to wait for them to thaw. Not with Sharon’s. It’s pretty much the first time, everytime.


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