Pacific’s Thai Sweet Potato Soup

©2011 Pacific Foods of Oregon, Inc.


Pacific Natural Foods’ Thai Sweet Potato soup

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

This soup is both sweet and spicy…though I wish it was more of the spicy and less of the sweet. It’s creamy and all the chunks of sweet potato, winter squash, and carrots are so tender they fall apart in your mouth.

I’d picked this one because, well, it sounded good and because it had 160 calories a serving, so 327 for the whole 500g carton, which was less than some of the others on the shelf. As I was eating it though, I noticed that what it somewhat lacks in calories, it makes up for in Saturated Fat and Sodium.

While it does have the three aforementioned vegetables, and other good for you ingredients like onions and lemongrass, it also has creamed coconut and almond butter. Also good for you, but in moderation. In all, if you consume the whole carton, it would be nearly 60% of your daily Sodium and 40% of your daily Saturated Fat. On a positive note, it does have 12% DV of Dietary Fiber in just half the carton.

Bottom line? Either show some restraint, which I did not, and split this up over different meals or different days. Or only tear open a carton when you’ve got someone to share it with.

For more info on Pacific Natural Foods, go to And check out there Special Diet Reference at


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