Glittersniffer Cosmetics: Bouncing Back on a Highly Pigmented Rainbow

Glittersniffer Cosmetics
Ladies of Glittersniffer Cosmetics (copyright Glittersniffer Cosmetics, 2010)

I orginially wrote about the ladies of Glittersniffer Cosmetics back in January…


I don’t know much about this little company yet, but judging from its Facebook page, it has a strong cult following…5,000+. I’m going to go out on a limb, judging from their FB pictures, and say they specialize in high pigmented, loose eyeshadows. Think Bare Escentuals loose pigments  and mineral base meets Urban Decay‘s high pigments and vegan standard. The website is currently down. From some of the FB conversation threads, the company may be working on some re-packaging. Apparently a lot of the older stuff was sold el cheapo just before Christmas…and sadly I missed the chance to try those…but I look forward to seeing the “newness”. A post response on their FB wall says to give them a a week or 2. So when they’re back up……until then, catch them on Facebook!

…2 monthes later, the company seems to have bounced back and learned from what was not just a simple repackaging. It turns out that the company recalled certain pigments and products that they found out were not approved by the FDA for use around the eye.

Now Glittersniffer is on its way back. Pumping out new bath and cosmetics products in a rainbow of colors. Making amends to their faithful clientele, and pulling in newbie Glittersniffers as well, the company offers various sales through their Facebook page. They also use the social networking site to gain valuable feedback.

Currently, the company is offering special grab bags, random packs of 15 for $10, and $1 samples. So there may be no better time than the present to give Glittersniffer Cosmetics a fresh look.


2 thoughts on “Glittersniffer Cosmetics: Bouncing Back on a Highly Pigmented Rainbow

  1. I encourage everyone to Google this company before buying. I’m sorry but this company has not turned itself around at all. Glittersniffer is a company who is known for producing unsafe products that the owner admits she knew some of which were non vegan and using soap dyes in others. Doing so for years and claiming to be a vegan company. This company has produced products that have caused physical injuries to customers, has collected money for charities (admitted by owner of over $3000) and never turned the money over to them, and refused numerous refunds to customers due to them for items the owner placed on her recall list. If you go to their facebook page you can scroll through and see the posts of customers not receiving their packages, begging for email responses, and not receiving the correct orders. You may have to scroll the page a bit since this company has a history of deleting anything that shows their true colors. This is not the first time this company has appeared to of bounced back, this is a cycle that has happened over and over. Any company who has an entire blog and facebook page dedicated to their bad practices can not be anything good.

    1. Thank you, Mariah. Personally, I wasn’t aware that this was a reoccurring issue. As long as persons are posting personal accounts or subjective information for the assistance of others, rather than for personal vendettas, I wholly welcome such postings.

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